Peter Ferreri – Remote Talent Radio Disney AM 1300 WRDZ, and Regional Program Director,

Peter Ferreri – Remote Talent Radio Disney AM 1300 WRDZ, and Regional Program Director,

I take these words to heart, especially in this industry. So often in life we find ourselves on a path that that seems predetermined. It can be intimidating to leave a path of least resistance for something new. I am thankful every day for the training and development I received from the Illinois Center for Broadcasting that allowed me a chance to venture down another path – one that I am truly passionate about.

I go by the radio name Dr. Pete because in all actuality I have my doctorate in Occupational Therapy as it was my past profession. However I reached a time where I wanted a different career and ICB was the perfect choice. I didn’t need a four year degree as I already had one and wanted the most efficient and effective way to reach my next goal, that being in the world of broadcasting.

After a mere month of being a student, I already had a sports show, a country show, had participated in a remote, and was starting my first internship at NBC-TV WMAQ in Chicago. From there the ball kept rolling as I kept taking opportunity after opportunity. After the production internship with NBC I then moved down the block to a promotional assistant position at Radio Disney AM 1300 WRDZ. At the completion of that internship I had already experienced great skills in both production and promotion, and started a small scale third internship with B96 working at their Six Flags Summer Studio. I also was hired at the time by Radio Disney immediately following my graduation from ICB. After a few short months I was offered my first full time position at KJJM/KFLN radio for Newell Broadcasting in Baker, Montana. Albeit I was moving to a small market, I knew that a key to success in this industry is experience, which ICB offered.

After a year in Montana, I had a few offers from other stations, but decided that Chicago was again calling my name, as I came back to be the Interactive Program Director for the new sports station at ICB, and was promoted by Radio Disney to Remote Talent, both of which I currently do.

I do know that wherever I go next and take that opportuniity it is all thanks to the confidence I developed from my internships I got from being a student at ICB.