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Multimedia Programs

In an age of mass media consumption, we live in an era of technology where the newest and latest of multimedia is always in constant public demand. Specialists in all fields of multimedia are continuously being sought after, creating tons of opportunities to build a career in any area of multimedia due to the expanding industry. With various in-depth and hands-on interactive programs, the schools of the Be On air Network in Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, and Miami continues to place graduating students from our numerous locations in traditional as well as unique jobs within the multimedia industry. We even offer financial aid and numerous school locations to ensure that anyone interested in a career in multimedia has the opportunity they deserve.

Radio & Tv Broadcasting

Learn and be involved in every step of radio and TV broadcasting. Will will show you the on-camera process dealing with everything from wardrobe to delivery. We teach our students about proper technology usage, such as what is the proper microphone to use for different situations. You will be immersed in the process, learning everything down to creating and maintaining web content, learning the ins and outs of sales and promotion.

Media Sales & Marketing

Using a blend of contemporary and traditional skills, we teach our students about digital marketing, terrestrial advertising, as well as new media branding. Our goal is to equip our students with the knowledge to prepare them to be confident and competitive in the media landscape.

Sports Broadcasting

With an incredibly large sports fan base in the US, the industry of sports broadcasting is great for those who enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. At Be On Air, we prep sport broadcasting students by showing them the various avenues of sports broadcasting and the different real-time broadcasting styles used during live games. Sports broadcasters aren’t only passionate about sports but are also knowledgeable about players, stats, and rules to give the audience a fully immersive experience in the game.

Audio Production

In our audio production program, students will be involved in every audio process from skills in editing and engineering as well as in-depth work with equipment and the latest audio technology. You will be involved in every process included in creating and mixing audio production with the in-studio application.

Film and Video Production

Our film and video production program immerse students in the industry, whether you have some knowledge or none about this industry, our classes are designed to take any students skills to the next level to ensure the best preparation to enter into a career. In this program, you will learn a wealth of useful information from the history of film to every step involved in pre-production, production, and post-production. Giving our students a full and complete scope of information.

Hispanic Media Broadcasting

Hispanic media broadcasting is also an incredibly large part of the broadcasting industry in general. In this program, students will learn important information and skills surrounding proper studio terms, legal requirements, as well as a fully comprehensive program diving into formats, trends, and principles of performance. Through this program, we at the schools of the Be On air Network in Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, and Miami aim to place our graduating students in their perfect entry job to begin their career

As new horizons are explored and conquered, the opportunities for trained multimedia professionals keep expanding. Staff announcers, newscasters, sportscasters, DJ’s, VJ’s, writers, directors and producers – all are needed to staff our expanding industry. We are placing our multimedia school graduates in hundreds of new traditional and non-traditional jobs thanks to the exhaustive and hands-on programs at our schools.

Interesting and fascinating jobs that were unheard of five or six years ago are today providing exciting and meaningful careers to trained multimedia professionals.

The future belongs to those who prepare now for its challenges.

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