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BeOnAir Newsletter August 2023


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Hold on to your hats, media mavens, because the August 2023 edition of The Beonair Network’s monthly newsletter is here, and it’s hotter than the end of summer sun! Buckle up for an adrenaline-fueled ride as we take you on a tour of our seven dynamic campuses, where the buzz and excitement never cease. So, sit back, grab a refreshing drink, and let’s dive into the electrifying world of The Beonair Network!

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Welcome to the Beonair Network’s ShoutOuts section, where we highlight the incredible work of our dedicated team of media school professionals. Here at Beonair, we don’t just aim to provide our students with an education; we strive to create an unparalleled learning experience that will set them up for success in the competitive world of media and broadcasting. Our exceptional team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that every student who walks through our doors receives the guidance, support, and inspiration they need to reach their full potential. And thanks to their efforts, we are delighted to share the glowing testimonials from our students, alumni, employers, and internship partners, which serve as a testament to the hard work and dedication of our incredible Beonair Network professionals. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by the remarkable achievements of our team.

Illinois Media School-Chicago Campus Earns “School of Distinction” Recognition from Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges

Read the complete Press Release here:

Colorado Media School Earns “School of Distinction” Recognition from Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)

Read the complete Press Release here:

Congratulations to our CEO of the Beonair Network of Media Schools, Nancy Rodriguez, on the distinguished honor of being an inductee into the FAPSC – Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges Hall of Fame.

We are very proud of Nancy’s tireless commitment to our students, graduates, and the sector that we serve.

Read the full press release here:

Next Level Gratitude!

Eric and Lanetta, two digital media students hailing from the Windy City, had an undying love and respect for their mentor, the one and only Hollie Wood. Hollie teaches out of our Denver, Colorado Campus. On a typical Tuesday in their online class, Hollie was taking them on a thrilling journey through the realm of digital media creation.

In the midst of all the excitement, Eric cheekily asked if he could show off his project. Little did anyone know, he had something up his sleeve that would leave them all gobsmacked. With a few clicks, Eric’s screen transported everyone to a surprising location – not Chicago, but Hollie’s very own office in Denver.

Gasps of astonishment echoed through the virtual classroom. Miss Wood’s face mirrored the astonishment, a mix of laughter and confusion. “What on earth are you doing in my office?” she exclaimed, a wide grin spreading across her face.

Eric and Lanetta spilled the beans on their spontaneous journey to Denver to personally share their projects and express their utmost gratitude. The virtual classroom buzzed with camaraderie as Hollie laughed and basked in the unexpected gesture.

“Oh my, this is truly amazing,” Hollie Wood declared, her voice brimming with genuine emotion. “You’ve shown me that I’m on the right path as a mentor.”

As the virtual class came to a close, Eric and Lanetta’s jaw-dropping surprise visit left an indelible mark. It solidified the bond between teacher and students, serving as a powerful reminder of the profound impact personal connections can have in the realm of digital learning.

Google Review By Shamia Washington
Miami Media School – Miami, 7955 NW 12th Street Suite 119
Jul 27, 2023 |     

“I was impressed with Miami Media School and their dedication as a whole team to make sure I was successful as a student and graduate! Everyone from Arlene in Financial Aid and Rebecca in Education, to all of my instructors who poured out their knowledge in a way that I was able to understand and apply what I learned. I am able to create commercials, news reports, radio segments, demos, websites and even more after all that I’ve learned. Last but not least I have to acknowledge Mr. Angel Llamazares who has sent me info on opportunities and has worked very hard to help me prepare for my career in the industry!! I’m very confident when I walk into an interview room! Miami Media School is the place to start if you want to be prepared for a successful career in the industry. Tell them Shamia sent you!”

Google Review By Likia Christine
Ohio Media School – Cincinnati, Ohio, 4411 Montgomery Road
Jul 20, 2023 |     

My name is Likia M. And I’m recently enrolled. I am beyond excited to learn all outlets of media, so that I may use that knowledge to drive my passions in life, expose what I know and what I can do to the masses. So far, my experience with admissions and orientation has been seamless. Professor D [Darland Dennard] and Noch [Enoch Morgan],  have been amazing, energetic, and very informative!


Yelp Review By Pam F.
Ohio Media School – Cleveland, Ohio, 9885 Rockside Road
Jul 27, 2023 |

“Ohio Media School has changed my life for the better. The staff, instructors, and my fellow classmates are amazing. The staff genuinely care about students and their success and the instructors are amazing. The instructors are current in the media field and they challenge us daily to ensure we are successful, graduate, and work in our career field. I highly recommend Ohio Media School to all!!!!”

Google Review By Tony Hickey
Miami Media School – Miami, 7955 NW 12th Street Suite 119
Jul 19, 2023 |     

“My short time here at Miami Media School I have already learned so much. This school really allows you to be hands-on from day one. All of the professors are very attentive and are very clear with the way that they teach. From professor Daniel P that I have my first block with and his beliefs that one size does not fit all. Meaning that everyone has their own way of learning and he adjust to that in his teachings which is amazingly helpful. To my last professor Edgar g who helps you to learn how to express your emotions through your voice and provides great constructive feedback to help you deliver a message. Each professor has been in the media industry for 5+ years and knows what the industry asks for and teaches you what they want to help you become successful. Due to the fact that classes are smaller, you have the ability to reach your professor whenever you need them for help or if you have any questions. The environment is very welcoming and motivating. Everyone here has a goal and are working hard to achieve it and are willing to help out with yours as well. We are all here to win and with this school you will.”

Markus Foley
Ohio Media School- Cincinnati Campus
Weekly Learning Feedback Remarks
“Sterling, Mike, Noc, and Josh are all very helpful and Professor D is the man with his morning messages to motivate us. This is the best place to learn.”

It’s been an outstanding month for our Beonair Network of Media Schools. We’ve been dishing out a top-notch learning experience that ensures students mingle with the pros in their field of interest. And it’s not just all theory; our students get to work on real projects, studio shows, and internships to hone their skills further. The best part? Some of our talented graduates are ready to take on the world and we’re confident they’ll slay the media game. Hats off to those who made it through!

Campus Life: #Relationships Matter

At Illinois Media School it is our goal to provide the best career-focused experiences for our students, and this past week that included a trip to Chicago Dogs Baseball at Impact Field in Rosemont, to not only catch a game but to also visit the Press Box where current student interns are part of the Sports Broadcasting Crew.

Pictured with their instructors Tony Lopez and Ceasar Perez, these students enjoyed a peak behind the curtain as they prepare for their internships with Chicago Dogs Baseball and the Windy City Bulls.

It was an exciting night and wonderful to meet so many of our talented students and grads as they continue to grow and develop their skills!

We invite you to get to know us. Please Inbox National Employer Representative Lynda Leciejewski or local Regional Career Services Director Dustin Lingemann CPRW for more information about our programs and to connect with our career-ready graduates!

TakeMeOutToTheBallGame ⚾️
A great Team Building evening for our Illinois Media School staff and students at the Chicago Dogs Baseball at beautiful Impact Field. With several of our National Team in town, this was the perfect way to close out a very successful week!Having a chance to see our Illinois Media School students and alum in action both up in the Press Box as the broadcast production crew and as camera operators throughout the stadium was exciting and prideful. Led by instructors Joe DiGiacomo and Darius Lawrence our crew is bringing the game to life in real-time, gaining the skills necessary to be candidates of choice at graduation.There is nothing like the crack of the bat on an August evening! Surrounded by friends and families and enjoying some stadium food and lots of laughter, it was a wonderful night for all! It is the best feeling to hit it out of the park!

Campus Life:  Campus Workshops-LevelUp with Us!

Did you miss out on our recent monthly on-campus free workshop on strategies & tools to Monetize Your Podcast Content? Well, let me tell you, you missed out on more than just free coffee and doughnuts! We had industry pros showing us how to level up our game with strategies &  tools in content creation.This workshop covered everything you need to know about monetizing your podcast content. We taught our participants how to create high-quality content and build engagement with their audience. Additionally, the team explored an array of monetization methods, from Patreon support and affiliate marketing to sponsorships and exclusive content. Donations? We’ll covered that too.By the end of this workshop, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to research and test different methods to see what works best for you. So what are you waiting for? Come join us and LevelUp your podcast game. Good luck, and happy monetizing!

But don’t fret if you missed it! Our LevelUp Workshops happen monthly and offer a wide range of industry topics. And, the best part? They’re FREE! So, whether you’re a newbie or a pro in the media industry, come and learn from the best in the business. Trust us, and you won’t regret it!

For more information on upcoming LevelUp Workshops, shoot a message to our National Employer Representative, Lynda Leciejewski.

Campus Life:  Presentation Day!

We closed last week with Illinois Media School Presentation Day, an opportunity for our students to showcase their amazing talent in the radio studio! 🎙️

Locked in and loaded, our students are gaining reps and building skills. With real-time hands-on experience, our students graduate ready for their career start. 👉 #learnfromaprotobeapro

Hold onto your hats, folks, because our Columbus Campus of the Ohio Media School just had a presentation day that was out of this world! We had the privilege of hosting the sensational Chief #Meteorologist, Marshall McPeek from @abc6columbus, who dropped some serious wisdom bombs on our students about the keys to success in the industry. Trust us, they were golden!Marshall’s journey had our students hooked right from the get-go. He dished out game-changing advice on commitment, teamwork, and the all-important art of meeting deadlines. Talk about leaving a lasting impression!Now let’s talk about the talent at our presentation day. These students were like media magicians, pulling rabbits out of hats with their mind-blowing projects. We were left speechless, to say the least!

We’re not ones to brag (okay, maybe a little), but the Ohio Media School produces some seriously top-notch professionals, and our Columbus Campus is no exception. Our students are rockstars, and we can’t wait to see how they conquer the world.

A round of applause for Marshall McPeek from @abc6columbus for gracing us with his presence on this epic day. And a massive congratulations to our phenomenal students for their unwavering dedication and hard work. We can’t wait to witness their future triumphs!

#moving on up!

End of Instructional Block! Illinois Media School, day instructors @tlotvshow and Neil from our Chicago campus on presentation day with our newbie students! They’re killing it after just four weeks in the program! The future is bright for these rising stars. Good luck on your journey to success!

Campus Culture/ Industry Connections:
OMS Students Enjoy Industry Field Trip To WKYC Studios.

A special thank you to our host Meteorologist Dontae Jones and Nexstar Media Group, Inc. FOX 8 News Cleveland for inviting our Ohio Media School students in for an impressive Field Trip experience to learn the ins and outs of news production.This student experience included in-depth studio tours, meet and greets in each department, interactive opportunity and Q&A with Fox 8 industry pros and on-air personalities who were in house.Dontae did an exceptional job in leading the discussion in each department of news production, and the Fox 8 pros were focused on providing our students with insight into each of their essential roles in the news production day.

Students were able to watch the production of the noon news in real-time, and as the hour was coming to an end, they were on camera and received a fabulous shout out from News Anchor Jennifer Jordan and Meteorologist Alexis Walters!

With so many of our alumni working at FOX 8 News Cleveland, including HR Administrator Zinthia F. who planned this field trip experience, and most recent hire in 2023 Editor/Videographer Amara Jester, our Ohio Media School students are excited about the fantastic opportunities available across the country as they set their career sights on smaller market growth with industry leader Nexstar Media Group, Inc.

We appreciate everyone’s time and care in providing an outstanding educational experience for our emerging talent. An additional thank you to the On Air personalities who were in house and wanted to meet and spend some time talking about careers with our students and included Kenneth Crumpton, David Moss, Natalie Herbick, and Peggy Gallek.

Dontae Jones, you were exceptional! Thank you FOX 8 News Cleveland for hosting and so warmly welcoming Ohio Media School, Career Services Director Houda Crable, and National Employer Representative Lynda Leciejewski.

We invite you to learn more about Ohio Media School and the Beonair Network of Media Schools. Please Inbox Lynda for additional information. #handsontraining

Campus Life: Remotes/ Live Media Production

#BeOnAir #Liveremotes
At Illinois Media School our collaboration with Chicago Dogs Baseball offers hands-on training and real-time experience and providies our student interns with lots of repetition to master their production skills.Led by Instructors Joe DiGiacomo and Darius Lawrence, who are themselves professionals in the industry, our Production Team and Instructors work every home game, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience in all areas of sports production.With campuses in Chicago and Rosemont, Illinois Media School is the place to be for aspiring professionals. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from the best and gain valuable skills.

Please contact our National Employer Representative Lynda Leciejewski to learn more about our exciting Sports Broadcasting Program and Audio Production Program. Our students are taught hands on and graduate career ready. Together, let’s open doors to career growth!

Campus Life: OMS Students Inspired By Media Industry Pro’s

The Cincinnati Campus of Ohio Media School has been buzzing with excitement these past few weeks! We had the pleasure of hosting the talented evening reporter, Paige Barnes, from LOCAL 12. She took the time to share her invaluable media reporting experience with our students, leaving them awe-inspired and starstruck. Moments like these make our students’ hearts skip a beat – getting up close and personal with media professionals is a true highlight for them! So, here’s a shoutout to Paige Barnes for making our campus shine even brighter!

Campus Life:  Graduation Day

🎉 Congratulations, Graduates! 🎉#Commencement – Congratulations Grads!

Please join Illinois Media School Campus Directors Lee Mueller and Tinka Randle, our Administration and Staff, as we celebrate our newest Graduates!

Surrounded in support and pride by family, friends and their instructors, each is now well-prepared to follow their media career goals.

With many accomplishments as they moved through their media programs and an abundance of talent, we have no doubt their future is bright! 🎓🌟💫 Congratulationson a job well done!

We invite you to connect with this talented group of media graduates. Please Inbox Local Regional Career Services Director Dustin Lingemann CPRW or National Employer Representative Lynda Leciejewski for additional information. With hands on training by instructors who are themselves professionals in the industry, our students graduate career ready. Together, let’s open doors to opportunity!

Campus Life: Applied Learning Through Internships

#CreatingOpportunity – #Internship #ALERT 🎥
A special shout out to Executive Producer and Co-Owner at HWIC Filmworks/WebworksJohn Delserone and Ohio Media School Alum and Line Producer at HWIC, Dee Lashaye, for joining our current students and alum on campus, to talk about their newest project, “Black Men Don’t Cheat”With the goal of getting our student interns on set, and providing invaluable experience as they shadow to grow, John and Dee shared their vision and our collaboration to build out their crew and provide internship to hire for this very busy production company.As they grow their reputation in northeast Ohio, our students are very eager to gain real—time experience on a regular basis. With many roles to fill, our students will work hands-on, with the bonus of adding to their resumes and demo reels.

The next shoot is in September. With interviews underway, our intern crew can hardly wait to get started! Thank you John and Dee for opening this door to industry opportunity! 🎥💫🌟🎞️🎬

We invite you to get to know us. Please Inbox local Career Services Director Houda Crable or National Employer Representative Lynda Leciejewski to learn more about our programs and meet our career ready grads!

Campus Life: Creative Collaboration

Get ready to experience the Beonair Network of Media Schools, where creativity reigns and bold ideas are not just encouraged but celebrated! When you step into our world, get ready to be blown away by endless possibilities.

We believe in learning by doing at Beonair. Our media industry instructors will teach you hands-on techniques that you’ll use in your future career. With industry-relevant equipment and facilities, including recording studios, editing bays, and green screen rooms for video production, you’ll be fully equipped to dive into the industry.

But what truly sets us apart is our tight-knit community. We’re a family here at Beonair. From day one, you’ll collaborate with your peers on exciting projects. You’ll see firsthand the power of teamwork and the incredible results that a diverse group of individuals can achieve together.

At our campuses, creativity and individuality are cherished. We kick conformity to the curb and encourage you to think outside the box and take risks. Pitch your wildest ideas to your classmates and get valuable feedback that will shape you into a top-notch media professional.

So, if you’re ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of creativity, collaboration, and personal growth, come join the Beonair Network of Media Schools. Our campus is your second home, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our incredible family!

Our students are trained by media industry professionals who are committed and passionate about teaching the next generation of media professionals. Discover our instructor spotlight series to meet our outstanding faculty members and get a behind-the-scenes look at what they do. Get ready for some serious motivation and goal-crushing inspiration!

Shawn Burrs: Emmy Award Winning Photojournalist

#InstructorSpotlight – #EmmyAward in Hand!
We want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to one of our own, Shawn Burrs. Shawn is an alumnus of the Ohio Media School, formerly known as the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, and currently serves as an instructor at our Columbus Campus.Shawn is a talented photojournalist at Sinclair Inc. ABC 6 WSYX-TV (Fox and ABC) in Columbus, and we are thrilled to share that he was recently honored with an EMMY award for his exceptional work on Breaking News.Campus Director Diana (Rankin) Compson shared, “It was an absolute joy to celebrate Shawn’s achievements on campus, and we are certain that his success will inspire our future media professionals to dream big!”

Shawn’s invaluable advice to aspiring individuals in the industry is to work hard and prioritize networking. He emphasizes the importance of being known by others rather than solely relying on who you may know.

Once again, congratulations to Shawn Burrs on this remarkable accomplishment!

Get ready to have your socks knocked off! Our alumni spotlights showcase the journeys of our media graduates who have transformed into leading professionals in their respective media careers and specialties. We’ll take you on a thrilling ride through their stories of success and undying passion for all things media. Ready to be inspired? Let’s go!

#EstablishedPro – Meet Bright Light Jenny Lyte ☀️
“Experience and confidence can get you places!”Meet Jenny Lyte, a graduate of Ohio Media School, formally Ohio Center for Broadcasting, 2000. A veteran broadcaster, Jenny will tell you that the hands on training, skills learned, and the opportunity to work with instructors who were themselves amazing broadcasters in the industry, helped her realize she absolutely had what it takes to be a success on-air!Jenny began her radio journey at Ohio Media School in Cleveland and then ventured south when she landed her first on-air job at Akron’s Rubber City Radio Group 94.9 WQMX where she spent over a decade on-air, met her husband, and started doing that family/life thing. Jenny has since been heard in Canton Mix 941 WHBC and Q92 WDJQ before coming back to The Land to share her positive vibes and good energy weekdays from 10am to 3pm on Audacy, Inc. Q104.

Jenny is a woman breaking barriers in all that she does. She is also the only woman in a house of all boys: with her husband, their boys – and two dogs (both male & quite popular on her socials)…check out Jenny on social media where you’ll find her sharing her hot takes on pop culture, family life and the world in general!

An avid music lover, Jenny loves connecting with her listeners and sharing her energy when she is on the air. She also enjoys taking walks on the amazing nature trails of Northeast Ohio to clear her mind…and someday she hopes to have a little place nestled in nature with some chickens and goats! But for now, Jenny loves exploring and getting to know the North Coast.

We invite you to tune in and let Jenny brighten your day from 10am to 3pm on Q104. Her love for music, connecting with listeners, and spreading good vibes makes for fabulous conversations! Get to know the true spirit of the North Coast with the amazing and engaging Jenny Lyte! ☀️

#AlumniSpotlight – #EmmyWinning Leah Mazur
Meet Leah Mazur, a proud 2005 graduate of Ohio Media School (formerly Ohio Center for Broadcasting). But it wasn’t just a random choice for Leah – she believes that the school chose her.During her Junior Year of college in Pensacola, FL, Leah was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Her doctors advised her to return to Cleveland for treatment. Leah’s mom saw a commercial for Ohio Media School (OMS), and they decided to give it a chance. After taking a tour of the school, Leah knew this was the place that would help her achieve her dreams.“The skills I learned at OMS have been priceless. The instructors did not sugarcoat anything. This business is TOUGH. You will work – A LOT. Weird hours. Holidays. There is no summer vacation. This place laid the foundation. I learned how to cultivate creativity, how to think outside the box to complete projects, how to work on a team, and probably the most important, how to network.

“The experiences and people I met through internships are what got me through the door 6 months after I graduated. I would have never made the connections I did without the school working with me and offering different opportunities to get hands-on experience in the field. I was able to intern in television and radio, along with the Browns and the Cavs.”

Leah’s dream? To be on-air as a sports reporter or anchor. In 2014, she had the opportunity to be a part of WEWS-TV5’s High School Football show, covering highlights of local games. While she discovered a preference for being a fan, Leah valued the experience nonetheless.

Leah’s journey continued with doors that opened to new experiences. From breaking the news to planning the news, Leah has gained valuable experience and is determined to keep moving forward.

To aspiring pros, Leah offers this advice: “Seize every opportunity that comes your way through this school. Treat every experience as if it were a job interview. Put in the work now so you won’t have to figure it out later. Collect as many business cards as possible and take people up on their offer to provide advice.”

After graduating Leah landed a part-time job at
WJW-TVFox 8, where she had interned. Her dedication paid off, as she was promoted to full-time Production Assistant just two years later. In 2011, Leah made a move to WEWS-TV5 as a full-time Assignment Editor.

In 2022, another dream came true when Leah was awarded the NATAS Emmy for Team Coverage. That same year, she was promoted to her current position as Planning Editor. Lisa takes great pride in working alongside Michael Veilhaber, a fellow alumnus from the class of 2004.

Please join the Beonair Network of Media Schools as we congratulate Leah on her remarkable achievements since graduation and wish her continued success as she builds her legacy!

#EstablishedPro – “Forge your own path and leave a lasting impact.”
James Harper is an accomplished alumnus of Colorado Media School, formerly known as Ohio Center for Broadcasting – Colorado. He is also a very successful Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, and Founder of DayPorter.At graduation, James began his career at Total Traffic & Weather Network, but due to the changing role of digital marketing and sales in radio, he found himself helping to build out digital systems in the radio world. That lead him to venture out on his own where he launched his own digital marketing company, DayPorter, which got acquired in 2019.After that acquisition, James started his own virtual sales agency and has since helped other rural radio stations increase their sales through his company by developing a digital product they can sell to their current advertising clients. To date, he has sold more than $15M in B2B sales in various industries.

A very successful entrepreneur, James chose to enroll at Colorado Media School because of his love of radio. As a student, his favorite internship was with Nia Bender who at the time was with Clear Channel Total Traffic Network. Here he gained the opportunity to learn how to report on breaking news, properly report on traffic and learned the ins and outs of radio. Nia played a pivotal role in his personal and professional growth, and helped pave the way for his career launch, for which James will forever be grateful.

Among the instructors at Colorado Media SchoolCub Buenning stood out as James’s favorite. Cub possessed a natural ability to teach, imparting honest insights about radio while emphasizing the significance of business acumen and effective copywriting. James admired how Cub connected with students on a personal level, making the learning experience all the more impactful.

As a seasoned professional, James offers some words of wisdom: “Take charge of your own destiny and create opportunities for yourself. Waiting for directions will only hold you back. Forge your own path and leave a lasting impact. Your drive and initiative will prove more valuable than any degree. In today’s job market, employers seek problem solvers who demonstrate commitment and follow-through, with an innate ability to generate fresh, innovative ideas. Embrace this mentality and soar to new heights.”

It is our privilege to introduce you to James Harper, an established pro who is assisting other businesses create opportunity and increase their revenue. His end goal will always be to help individuals and businesses create income that sticks!

#EstablishedPro – “Chase your Purpose” – NP
Meet Nikky Paschall, a talented graduate from the class of 2018 at Colorado Media School. Nikky enrolled to find her true calling and change her life. Her passion for radio propelled her to excel in the Radio and TV Broadcasting Program.What set Nikky apart was her exceptional skills in radio production and her love for collaboration and creativity. She thrived in an environment that encouraged thinking outside the box and breaking free from restrictive structures. Her most memorable project was a music video, where she had the opportunity to showcase her innovative ideas. Additionally, Nikky enjoyed the news classes and journalistic projects that further fueled her ambition.Five years ago, Nikky launched her career at Crawford Broadcasting, marking the beginning of her exciting career. Today, she proudly holds the position of Production Director for KLDC 1220 AM and Legends 810 AM, the last genuine oldies station in Denver. She also hosts “Target Practice,” a sought-after show on Saturday nights at 9 PM. Nikky’s dedication has not only advanced her own career but has also contributed to the growth of the brand.

Drawing from her own experiences, Nikky offers valuable advice to students and graduates. She firmly believes that pursuing one’s purpose should take precedence over the pursuit of money. Doing what you love should be the driving force behind your choices and endeavors.

Nikky’s motto, a reflection of her character, encapsulates her outlook on life. She acknowledges and embraces her three gifts – the ability to think, speak, and care on a deeper level than most. These gifts propel her to make a meaningful impact in her career and inspire others to do the same.

Nikky Paschall’s journey from a determined student to a successful professional exemplifies the power of passion and purpose. Her journey serves as a reminder to aspiring individuals that the pursuit of a meaningful career can truly change lives.

Please join Colorado Media School Director of Career Services Deborah Byrd and our Beonair Network of Media Schools in wishing Alum Nikky Paschall continued success 🙏🏼🌟 Shine Bright!

Get ready to witness the freshest and most talented rising stars in the media industry! Meet the Beonair Network Rising Stars! These alumni are unafraid to push boundaries and show the world just what they’re made of. Their skills in newer media will leave you in awe, making an unforgettable impression on anyone who sees them. Come join us in celebrating these rising stars, who are confidently paving the way for the future of media.

#risingstars – “Persevere through the obstacles and stay focused.” – TA

Meet Creator Taelr Anderson, aka Tae Marie, a recent graduate of Ohio Media School Cleveland Campus, who has a passion for both radio and TV broadcasting.

Taelr’s journey into media began during high school and since graduating from Ohio Media School, she has been working on various projects, including her vlog and promotions to market her brand. Additionally, she is involved in the creation of a documentary and promoting a beauty product line, utilizing the skills she acquired at Ohio Media School.

Not only has Taelr been sharing her own experiences through her vlog, but she has also been collaborating with fellow students to inspire and help viewers. A talented video editor, her career goals are to continue expanding her horizons with the launch of a freelance business, and exploring the world of audiobook storytelling. Taelr’s purpose in life is to make a positive impact and inspire others through spirituality.

What message does Taelr have for current students? She wants them to understand that life can be challenging, and it’s impossible to control or plan everything. However, when you’re pursuing your passion, persevere through the obstacles and stay focused. The pressures of money, time, and obligations will always exist, but when opportunities arise, seize them and build meaningful connections.

Aside from her various projects, Taelr is dedicated to providing support and fostering positive discussions within her Facebook group, “Mama Society,” which serves as a platform for mothers facing difficult life issues. Additionally, she manages her two businesses, Taelr’d Entertainment and Define Cosmetics, while also producing a YouTube show which features special guests and offers entertainment and enlightenment.

Taelr’s top priority is building a strong family and leaving behind a meaningful legacy. She is committed to creating platforms that provide knowledge, insight, and support for others. Please join us in congratulating Taelr. We are inspired by her mission and wish this rising star continued success.

#RisingStar – Focus on Success
Willie Granderson, also known as “Grandman”, has had a lifelong passion for radio. Despite attending other schools and programs, he never felt a strong connection until he found Illinois Media School. Here, he was able to immerse himself in a diverse range of media programs and learn from experienced instructors who provided unwavering support.Having completed multiple media programs, Willie has now launched his career as a Board Operator at WVON 1690 AM. He also continues to collaborate with his network at Illinois Media School, which includes co-hosting a radio show with Karli Bosslady+2 and Keith Conway.His ultimate career goal is to become a globally renowned Radio Personality, and Willie is wholeheartedly dedicated to achieving this success. Despite the challenges of living with Multiple Sclerosis, Willie never loses sight of his passion and serves as an inspiration to those who know him.

When asked for advice, Willie encourages aspiring broadcast students to believe in themselves and keep pushing forward. He emphasizes the importance of regular practice at home, and in school studios, and seizing all opportunities that come their way. Networking is also key.

Although his journey hasn’t been easy, Willie has remained committed to his goals. In addition to his career in media, he is an active member of Pilgrim Baptist Church where he serves as President of the Senior Usher Board and a Deacon. Spirituality plays a significant role in his life.

Willie looks back on the training and curriculum that prepared him for his career with immense gratitude to Illinois Media School and the Beonair Network of Media Schools. He recognizes the numerous opportunities provided by Beonair, as well as the support of his amazing instructors and classmates who stood by him throughout his journey.

Please join us in congratulating Willie Granderson, the incredible “Grandman” and in wishing him continued success! 💫🌟🎙️Shine Brightly!

#RisingStar: “Be strong minded because this industry is tough.” -SM
Meet Sophia Manson, an accomplished alumna of Illinois Media School (2020) O’Hare Campus. With a passion for communication, Sophia has made her mark in the industry through various ventures. She started two talk radio shows, “Lets Talk Beauty” and “Unfiltered,” and has ventured into the world of podcasting on Anchor FM.Currently, as a board operator/producer for Crawford Broadcasting, Sophia brings her expertise and talent to the live and syndicated radio shows for Rejoice 102.3 and Soul 106.3. In addition, she lends her voice to promos and commercials for both stations and Power 92.3.But that’s not all – Sophia is a multi-talented individual. She hosts two podcasts with video “Live with Eric and SoSo” and “Rap Rehab.” She also utilizes her skills in voiceovers and promos to support local businesses. Additionally, she has written her debut book, “Tales Of Love and War,” which is set to be released in October.

With talent abounding, Sophia is also writer and director for her first featured film, “Joey and Jordi, A HipHop Love Story,” scheduled for release in late fall.

Sophia’s drive to inspire and motivate others remains her ultimate goal. She is dedicated to providing a positive impact in the lives of those around her. With that in mind, Sophia’s ambitious career plans involve launching a successful TV network and hosting her own TV show. She is actively honing her skills in screenwriting and aspires to become a renowned film director.

When asked about her choice to attend Illinois Media School, Sophia states that initially she enrolled to learn how to voice and write commercials, but the program has taken her far beyond.

As advice to current students, she emphasizes the importance of maximizing one’s gifts, maintaining a strong mindset in the face of industry challenges, and continuously seeking knowledge. Sophia advocates for punctuality, highlighting that being early is actually being on time!

Please join Illinois Media School and the Beonair Network of Media Schools in congratulating Sophia on her many media industry accomplishments and in wishing her continued success. Already well on her way to achieving her goals, we are incredibly proud of Sophia’s commitment to the industry that she loves!

💫🌟Shine Bright, Sophia Manson!

Are you dreaming of a career in entertainment & media broadcasting? Look no further! Our Career Services Directors are the ultimate professionals when it comes to finding new and exciting opportunities for our students and graduates. Every day they connect with content creators, employers, and media executives all over to find meaningful internships, collaborations, or entry-level positions – ensuring everyone has a chance at living out their broadcast dreams.

Stand Out Of The Crowd: Pro Tips To Get Your Dream Job in Media 

As the National Employer Relations Representative for the Beonair Network, it is my honor to provide career guidance to media school graduates on their job search. The media industry is a dynamic and exciting field that presents countless opportunities for growth and development. Whether your media dream is to be a multimedia journalist, on-air personality, a social media manager, to name a few, the following tips will help you on your journey toward landing your dream job.

It’s time to step out into the real world and make a name for yourself. But, where do you start? Building your brand on social media platforms like LinkedIn can be a game-changer for your professional career.

First things first, it’s important to understand that social media is no longer just a place to share cat videos and memes. It’s a tool that can be utilized to your advantage, especially when it comes to job hunting. In fact, according to a recent survey, 48% of employers use social media to hire candidates.

So, how can you build your brand on social media? Create a LinkedIn profile showcasing your skills, education, and experience. But don’t stop there. Engage with industry professionals by commenting on their posts and sharing relevant content. Remember, it’s not just about promoting yourself but also about building relationships.

Twitter can also be a powerful tool for broadcasting graduates. Follow industry leaders, stay up-to-date on the latest news, and use relevant hashtags to increase your visibility. But remember, keep it professional. Avoid controversial topics and focus on demonstrating your expertise in the field.

Instagram and YouTube can also be useful platforms for showcasing your skills and creativity. Use Instagram to showcase your work and behind-the-scenes moments and YouTube to create a portfolio of your best video projects.

In conclusion, building your brand on social media can significantly impact your professional career as a broadcasting graduate. Take advantage of these platforms, engage with industry professionals, and demonstrate your expertise. The power is in your hands, so go out there and make a name for yourself!

Wishing you the best!


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Dear Media Partners,
We are excited to introduce you to the Beonair Network of Media Schools EmployerConnect Portal, a newly crafted resource available on our website.Let us connect you with our talented media graduates who are eager to kick-start their careers in the industry! Whether you are looking for on air talent, video and/or audio production, production assistants, digital/social media production, website design or sales, you can now list your job orders directly on our website and get connected with our creative and talented graduates and Career Services Directors.This easy-to-use Employer Connect Portal is designed to help you find the perfect match! Our Career Development Department and dedicated Directors will work with you to connect you with the cream of the crop. And the cherry on top? Our services are completely free of charge. Sound too good to be true? Contact Lynda Leciejewski, our National Employer Relations Rep at 234-203-2768 and see for yourself. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your media team to the next level with Beonair!

We invite you to get started now! Together let’s open doors to meaningful career starts and fulfilling your hiring needs!

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But wait, there’s more! Make sure you know the nitty-gritty details, like which educational programs qualify, what grades you need to ace, and how long you must stay with your company to enjoy these benefits.  Your future self will thank you for cashing in on this awesome perk!

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Request more information about Media Sales & Marketing Diploma Program.

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With hands-on training by instructors who are themselves professionals in the industry, our students graduate career ready to work for you!

Please contact National Employer Representative Lynda Leciejewski

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#AlumniPride Share Your Success Story

The BeOnAir Network of Media Schools proudly celebrates its thriving alumni, who continue to make their mark in the ever-evolving media industry. Our former students have gone from strength to strength since graduating and are tackling some incredible creative initiatives – all while scaling up through progressively better opportunities with every success! We’d love for you to share your journey so far!

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Remembering the Legacy of Mike Jacobsen

#Scholarship – Remembering the Legacy of Mike Jacobsen
In 2021, the radio industry faced a significant loss with the passing of Mike Jacobsen, a respected professional in the field. With an impressive career that spanned from radio news reporting to executive producing, Mike also served as Director of Education at Illinois Media School (IMS).

During his time at Illinois Media School, Mike had a profound influence on the students he encountered. Having spent many years as a morning radio show producer at WGN Radio AM 720 before joining IMS, Mike’s passion for nurturing aspiring broadcasters was evident to all who knew him.

This summer, Mike’s family organized a fundraiser to establish scholarships at Illinois Media School. The scholarships aim to honor Mike’s memory and continue his legacy in the world of Radio and TV Broadcasting.

Melissa Jacobsen, Mike’s sister-law, expressed how Illinois Media School held a special place in Mike’s heart. It was here that he believed he made the most significant impact on the lives of students. The family is thrilled to have found a way to carry on his passion for helping future radio and TV professionals.

A ceremony was held at the new campus location in Rosemont last month, where Mike’s family joined IMS Regional Campus Director Ruth Clayman, PhD, students, faculty, and staff, to honor his memory. Many students applied for the prestigious scholarship, but it was Daniel Coletta and Nick Johnson who were selected by Mike’s family. Both had submitted sports-related radio spots, reflecting what Mike would have appreciated the most.

The Beonair Network of Media Schools, which includes Illinois Media School, extends our heartfelt gratitude to the Jacobsen family, whose tribute to their beloved Mike Jacobsen brought together the students he deeply cared for, to celebrate a man who embodied our Core Values and truly made a difference in the lives of others.

ALUMNI: Earn a Diploma in Digital Media Production in Just Four Months!

Advance Your Media Skills: Digital Media Production

ANNOUNCEMENT: Elevate your skills and future-proof your career with a Digital Media Production diploma. Ohio/ Illinois/ Colorado Centers for Broadcasting & Beonair Network of Media School Graduates of the Radio & TV Broadcasting Program can secure a diploma in Digital Media Production in just four months.

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BeOnAir Forum Webinar Recap

#BeOnAirForum ~ A special thank you to our guest 💫🌟
It was our pleasure to welcome Luana Figueroa, acclaimed Reality TV personality and industry powerhouse, to our BeOnAir Forum.With only an 8th grade education and humble beginnings on the groundbreaking Jerry Springer Show, Luana’s unwavering determination for success has skyrocketed her to the top as the creative genius of the reality TV world, and has earned her the title of “One Mean Booking Machine”!Luana shared invaluable advice, personal experiences, and best practices on how to break into the industry as a Production Assistant and transform that opportunity into a thriving career.

Alumnus Tony Lopez, industry professional and Instructor at Illinois Media School, joined us as the host and moderator for this captivating session as Luana shared a wealth of career advancement secrets and offered the opportunity to address any questions from our attendees.

The BeOnAir Network extends a heartfelt thank you to Luana for graciously sharing her time and expertise during this very engaging hour, and for providing the opportunity for our students, alumni, and extended network to be inspired and to #learnfromaprotobeapro

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If you are someone who loves creating content, be it videos or podcasts, you must understand the importance of film & video editing. A well-edited video can make all the difference to your final product. And when it comes to video editing, Adobe Premiere is undoubtedly one of the best software out there. But we all know how overwhelming it can be to navigate through a new tool. That’s why we’re here to highlight the top twelve video editing hacks using Adobe Premiere that will save you a lot of time and make your life a whole lot easier!

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