Scott Mackay – Morning Show Host of FM 95.9

Scott Mackay – Morning Show Host of FM 95.9

Scott MackayIllinois Center for Broadcasting, Chicago Campus was proud to have Scott Mackay, Morning Show Host of FM 95.9 Aurora – “The River,” a Next Media station, visit with the students at ICB on February 12, 2014.

Scott’s presentation had the students laughing as he shared his unique and at times very funny perspective about current events.  Mr. Mackay emphasized the importance of staying current with news of the day, if you’re going to serve as a morning show host.  Scott noted that it’s not just the music you play but whether or not you can be entertaining and keep an audience engaged.

Scott noted that we’re all unique and so it’s best to be yourself and share with the audience topics that will get your callers involved.  In his case he shared with the students how he talks about his life, his divorce, his two sons – one that is 23 and one that is ten, and his step-son who was at one time Carly and is now Carson (a transgender individual).  That specific show got a lot of reactions, many were positive and complimentary that Mackay had covered such a delicate topic.

He cautioned the students that they should avoid using “blue” language and specifically swearing on the air, because when the FCC investigates, they not only fine the station but also the host.  Bodily fluids are something that should be avoided and use of the “dump” button when callers are involved is critical.  You are responsible for your show and its content.

Scott noted that 95.9 FM, “The River,” uses a lot of interns and he enjoys interacting with the interns and having them on the air.  He also noted that when you take a bottom level job, work it as hard as possible because the staff does notice the effort.

Mackay talked about how he preps for a morning show and the fact that his day begins at 3 a.m. – so – for those that want to be a morning show host, know that you have irregular hours and starting your day is often when people are ending theirs.  Scott expressed why he loves his job and encouraged students to take advantage of all the instructors and curriculum offered at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting.