South Florida DJ Association Partners With MMS!

South Florida DJ Association Partners With MMS!

SFDJ LogosMiami Media School is partnering with the South Florida DJ Association. The goal is to help the South Florida Community have the best trained DJ’s available.

The SFDJA will start having their quarterly meetings at the Miami Media School and will promote our DJ program to new DJ’s or DJ’s that want to improve their skills. Miami Media School is excited to have a group of dedicated professionals convene in our classrooms and share their experiences and knowledge with our students and the community.

The South Florida DJ Association

The South Florida DJ Association was founded by veteran Miami Radio and Nightclub DJ Alex Gutierrez. The idea was that in the highly competitive world of Mobile and Nightclub DJs there could actually be a willingness to cooperate and exist as a community where unity could become an advantage to a profession that had existed as “ Loners” for many years.

“ When I started the group on Facebook I had no idea that in such a short period of time I would have over 1000 members in 4 Chapters throughout Florida as well as a Bi-Monthly DJ Showcase sponsored by a Major DJ equipment Retailer, an SFDJA program being played on 4 internet stations and request for interviews on terrestrial radio stations. What was most surprising of all was that I had managed to bring together a group of people who shared the same interest and were eager to meet others like themselves in a non competitive environment “.

Why an Association ? What could so many DJs and Music Industry Professionals bring to the table? Well for one, a very large buying power that ANY retailer would love to tap into. Mailouts and Flyers were not particularly effective , connecting only with a small percentage of the target audience. Yet here was a specific group of “ Consumers “ all in one place. Fledgling Record Companies and artists who had all but disappeared from local airwaves , now found an outlet to distribute and garner support for their new releases. Novice as well as experienced DJs could showcase their talents through mix shows , stage performances and promotional events conducted by the Association. All along something extremely peculiar was happening DJs were actually getting along ,joining forces in some cases ,becoming friends. Friends who by now could not consider each other anything BUT friends and could not see each other anymore as “ The Competition”

Sharing the vision of the SFDJA as well, local DJ LEO PEREZ ( DJ from The Popular Telemundo morning show “ Un Nuevo Dia” ) stepped in and constructed “ the World” of the SFDJA . His unmatched enthusiasm and energies devoted to the group have allowed the association to grow at a very rapid pace. Leo’s marketing skills and technical prowess have connected the SFDJA with many major businesses. He continues to be instrumental and essential in the day to day operation of the group.

Rounding off the Team is DJ Jorge Santana from the Magic City Casino.

The group boast an impressive list of members including producers, musicians and remixers. A Membership Card and Certificate are issued to all ACTIVE members and are extended courtesies from businesses all over South Florida. We are very proud of what we have become. Slowly but surely the SFDJA Logo is becoming a symbol of Quality and Professionalism in the DJ Community as well as to the public. “ We are in Control”