Todd Manley- V.P. Content & Programming for WGN, Tribune Radio

Todd Manley- V.P. Content & Programming for WGN, Tribune Radio

Todd ManleyTodd Manley, V.P. Content & Programming for WGN, TRIBUNE RADIO, shared his thoughts regarding the future of audio entertainment with Illinois Center for Broadcasting, (ICB) Chicago Campus students on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

Prior to WGN, Todd has had extensive experience in radio broadcasting having worked in various capacities for a number of radio stations including: Century Broadcasting’s “THE POINT,” CBS Radio’s WXRT-FM and WCKG-FM, KTRS-AM and

At ICB, Todd talked about how evolving technology has changed the manner in which the public now gets their   audio news and entertainment from terrestrial to streaming sources to podcasts.  WGN transmits audio programming on WGN-AM, WGN’s new acquired station, “THE GAME”  at 87.7 FM, on as a live stream as well as the transmission of podcasts and video content on the various websites it controls.

Todd noted that smart phones allow anyone the ability to capture video and audio and then transmit that to the world through the Internet.  The content could be a breaking news story that might go up on TWITTER and other social media venues or material that entertains the public.  Podcasts, many of them available through ITUNES, are becoming more and more popular with a good deal of success in attracting audiences.   Tribune Radio is very much aware of the ever evolving state that broadcasting is undergoing and is making every effort to keep abreast of the public’s appetite for fresh new content that may be time-shifted at the convenience of the listener.

Todd, has been in his current role as  V.P. of Content for WGN since July of 2013 and has earned a reputation by fellow colleagues as not only a very creative executive but also someone who treats employees with respect and kindness and is willing to mentor those who seek his advice and guidance.

The Illinois Center for Broadcasting thanks Todd Manley for graciously sharing his vision regarding the evolving state of what we now refer to as “radio” and what the future might have in store for those studying broadcast media arts at ICB.