How DJ Khaled’s Strategy Can Translate to Your Success

How DJ Khaled’s Strategy Can Translate to Your Success

If you’re active on any of the big social media platforms, you’ve no doubt seen and heard about DJ Khaled, the hip-hop entrepreneur who has made his way from obscurity to a two million-strong group of followers who view every single one of his Snapchats.

A Social Media Phenomenon Arises

How, exactly, has DJ Khaled become so successful, and more importantly, what does this teach you? At first glance, it should be apparent that the man oozes authenticity. When you combine this with his larger-than-life lifestyle, it makes him eminently watchable. After all, there’s a reason why the popular television shows Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous and MTV Cribs always had millions of viewers in their heydays: people of average means want an inside look into wealth!

So, first and foremost, DJ Khaled uses social media – Snapchat and Twitter, in particular – to bring visions of his success to the world in an endearingly authentic fashion. He teaches you the importance of connecting with your intended audience. Despite the different economic worlds you inhabit, he makes you feel like he’s just like you…with a little more cash. It’s a success that is within your reach, as you fight all the people trying to hold you down to stop you from maximizing your potential. DJ Khaled, effectively, makes a call-to-arms with each Snapchat message, and the people are resonating with it in droves.

Have an Iron-Clad Portfolio of Accomplishments

Although it may seem like DJ Khaled came out of nowhere, make no mistake, he has a history of accomplishments in the world of hip-hop production. You can have the most robust social media campaign of anyone, but if there’s no fire where there’s smoke, your followers will quickly fizzle. Think of the Reality TV stars on The Real World, for example – no one knows where any of them are, because they lacked credentials. Make sure you have something of distinction before you launch your campaign as you want your followers to be in it for the long run.

DJ Khaled’s Motivational Messages

Using his iron-clad credentials as a mover-and-shaker in the hip-hop industry, DJ Khaled now reaches far more people than those who are actually familiar with his musical accomplishments. Why? Simple: people preferentially gravitate towards messages of positivity. Putting your own special touch on these messages turns them into conduits for your brand, making promotion of products and services as unobtrusive as possible. Not surprisingly, people do not like to be pitched unless you’re offering something of value.

Although Facebook is still the king of social media, it seems that a more video-oriented platform is better suited for the delivery of positive messages that endear a social network to the speaker. Making a video is more personal, and you get more information across in a shorter amount of time. Like DJ Khaled, learn to give people the feeling that they are sharing your success.

When you wade through all of the hilarious, interesting and downright strange situations that DJ Khaled finds himself in, as relayed through his social media channels, the main takeaway is this: motivate yourself to succeed in every action you take, because there are people out there that don’t want you to win. They are naysayers and people with defeatist attitudes. Do not let them drag you down. Fight against them (psychologically), and push yourself towards your goals each and every day. Thanks, DJ Khaled; see you at the top!

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