ESPN’s Mitchell Leach Visits ICB Lombard Campus

ESPN’s Mitchell Leach Visits ICB Lombard Campus

Mitchell Leach

Mitchell Leach, Content Associate for ESPN at their headquarters in Bristol, CT, is an Illinois Center for Broadcasting (ICB) 2007 graduate. He spoke at the ICB Lombard campus about his experiences and gave students important tips for being successful in the field of broadcasting. Leach started at Fox Chicago after graduating from ICB and worked his way into a career in sports media. In his current position at ESPN, his responsibilities include: producing segments for Sports Center, NFL Live, Outside the Lines, Sports Nation, First Take, and College Football Live. Leach was nominated for an Emmy twice, in 210 and 2011. He prides himself in his hard work and dedication as an ICB student and strongly encouraged current students to head his advice. He gave the following tips:

  • Stay respectful and have a good attitude
  • Stay on top of all forms of news, including new ideas, not just content
  • Go to events, network, tweet, and blog
  • Stay humble and remember to thank people
  • Treat your internship like a real job
  • Learn it all and be versatile
  • Ask for advice and critique from peers and professionals
  • Continually to develop your skill set
  • Be resilient

Most importantly Leach suggested, if you are not already an ICB student, ENROLL NOW! Leach discussed how many people do not take the steps to get the training and education in the industry because they believe it is too hard. It is hard, he said, but worth it. Leach urges students, and perspective students, to “be committed!” Leach said, “Tell yourself I’m going to get better today. I’m going to go out and learn as much as I can and prepare myself for whatever opportunity it is.”

Leach motivated students and is a true example of what can be accomplished at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting with hard work and determination. If you want to see exceptional speakers such as Leach, intern in the broadcasting industry, and start your career in less than one year, enroll today!  Call 630-916-1700, Text Lombard to 33239, or Apply Now!