The Most Common Entry-Level Media Jobs of Recent Graduates

Video Production Degree - Be On AirBiographies of successful people often gloss over the first tentative steps they took after college. In reality, most of today’s biggest celebrities and famous movie producers all worked a few entry-level jobs before landing their dream career.

While entry-level media jobs are usually not the stuff of romance and adventure, they are the first rungs of the ladder. And once you start climbing that ladder, you are on your way to bigger and better things – as proven by many others.


Understand What You’re Capable Of

If you hold a degree in media, you have the skills to persuade, inform and advise people. You understand how to present information in many formats, such as on social media and in print. You also know how to tailor your communication to specific audiences so that it truly engages them and propels them into action. Fortunately, this means that a wide variety of entry-level media jobs are available to you.

Every mid- to large-size company needs to communicate with customers and clients. Most businesses also need help with marketing and branding in order to drive revenue. As a result, there will always be companies hiring for entry-level jobs in media, communication and digital marketing.


What Does Entry Level Mean?

More often than not, “entry-level” means that you are given a very specific task with limited responsibilities. You have broad skills as a recent media graduate, but not a lot of specific knowledge or experience. You are better off working at stepping stones than trying to move boulders.

Take jobs in broadcasting, for example. An experienced broadcasting employee may be a director or chief engineer. These are scarce positions because a station or channel needs only one or two such people. Entry-level broadcasting jobs, on the other hand, are more plentiful. The following listings are real examples of entry-level broadcasting jobs taken directly from the job-hunting site Indeed:

  • Canvasser
  • Media campaign specialist
  • Associate producer
  • Video associate
  • Live show production assistant
  • Junior digital reporter
  • Account executive


Other Media

Social media and digital marketing are burgeoning fields. How people interact, what companies do to try to woo them, and where customers turn for advice have all changed with the advent of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. The most common entry-level positions in digital marketing include:

  • Assistant Media Planner: Helps place advertisements in the right place, at the right site, at the right time
  • Marketing Communications Coordinator: Helps increase a company’s visibility by developing and distributing information via print, digital broadcast media and through live events
  • Copywriter: Writes advertising copy to be used in all types of media, tailoring each bit of writing to suit the platform
  • Social Media Specialist: Manages social media platforms for companies to generate positive brand awareness, website traffic and leads.

Entry-level media jobs lead to successful careers in broadcasting. To land a reputable entry-level job that will surely take you places, start by getting a great education in your desired field. Contact Media Schools today to find out how we can help you find a place for you in the exciting world of media.