Beth Reynolds from Hubbard Broadcast Talent visits ICB!

Beth Reynolds from Hubbard Broadcast Talent visits ICB!

Beth Reynolds After receiving a tour of the facilities at the Lombard Campus of the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, Beth Reynolds spent time visiting with about 40 students who wanted to hear about her experience as a veteran radio talent of Hubbard Broadcasting’s REWIND 100.3, WILV-FM.

Beth talked about the duties she is expected to perform when she reports to work as a freelance announcer fulfilling weekend on-air shifts. She always gets to the station early so that she can discuss with the announcer working prior to the start of her shift any late on-air traffic requirements regarding promotional and/or commercial announcements.

She also likes to review weather conditions and possible breaking news items so that should she need to relate that information to her listeners, she is prepared to do that clearly and concisely.

Beth talked about her start in radio, which began while in college working as a radio performer at KSMR, the student radio station at St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minnesota. Beth found it exhilarating and fun to be on the radio even though this was not her major endeavor of study at St. Mary’s. When an opportunity presented itself after graduation to work in radio, Beth made the jump and garnered experience working at Chicago’s WLIT-FM – 93.9, ENERGY – 92.7 FM and Big City Radio prior to her employment with Hubbard Broadcasting.

Beth encouraged the students to work hard at their studies and to definitely seek an internship to get valuable work experience as well as an opportunity to network with other media professionals.

Beth told the students to ignore comments made by any naysayer who states that getting a job in broadcasting is “impossible.” Ms. Reynolds’s reasoning for this was simply stating the obvious; “…radio is bigger and better than ever as a medium that is expanding via Internet apps and websites that bring radio to consumers via popular and accessible mobile/cellular technology. Beth cited the popularity of sites like Spotify and Panorama as well as, and noted that there will always be a need for announcers, technicians, engineers and professionals who can bring radio to life.

Beth suggested to students that they do their best to get along with their colleagues not only at ICB but going forward because people who like you as a co-worker are more likely to recommend you for an opportunity to move up in the business.

Ms. Reynolds also stressed how important it is to maintain a balance between one’s professional and personal life and to have outside interests that makes life interesting and a joy. That is important especially for an on-air performer so that they can bring anecdotal information to their on-air performances that are more than just radio/music oriented.

Beth shared with the students that she is an avid runner who literally trains everyday. She has competed in various marathons and plans to compete in another very soon. She also has a wide variety of interests outside of broadcasting that include a love for skiing, golf, tennis, traveling, yoga, pilates, writing, cooking and her family. Beth is convinced that leading an active life and staying in shape makes her more attractive to an employer.

ICB students each week of their curriculum get a chance to meet professionals like Beth Reynolds. If you want to see more guest speakers or you want to start your own career in broadcasting, contact us or call 630-916-1700.