Kailee Loesch – B96 Promotions Coordinator

Kailee Loesch – B96 Promotions Coordinator

Kailee LoeschKailee Loesch, a promotions coordinator for B-96 FM, CBS Radio in Chicago visited with ICB students to discuss her career development after only two years out of post-secondary school.

Kailee Loesch started carving her path towards her career years before she graduated from DePaul University in 2007. While at DePaul, Kailee not only majored in Broadcast Journalism and Minored in Digital Cinema but she also was a reporter on DePaul TV, wrote for the DePaulia newspaper, was a jock on DePaul Radio and maintained an internship during three out of the four years. Kailee’s drive and dedication landed her internships in a couple of the largest communication networks in the city such as Fox News & Clear Channel. Fast forward just a couple years and Kailee is now a promotional coordinator at CBS Radio, Manages a retail store in the west loop called Paw Naturals and is a promotional model for Diageo.

Kailee explained her responsibilities as a coordinator in the promotion department at
B-96. She works with the sales department to coordinate special events that feature B-96 jocks and on-location broadcast remotes. Ms. Loesch also makes sure that the winners of give-away contests receive their prizes and that the awards are promoted via social media and on the B-96 website with either video or pictures and a write-up that she must produce. Kailee’s focus is also to make sure that the sponsors get what has been promised by the sales account executives servicing those accounts.

Kailee shared with the students that she works not only her promotions coordinator position but also two other part-time jobs, as a model and as a retail manager to make ends meet. At one point, Kailee noted during the presentation that she had been working since 6 a.m. (or on her 14th hour of work). But Kailee also noted that she loves working in the broadcast field and realizes that with time she will advance in her career making a good deal more money than she makes now with an opportunity to possibly become a full-time promotion director for either a CBS radio outlet or another media organization in town. The majority of promotion directors today are women so the young ladies in attendance were pleased to hear that. Also, promotion is an area that all radio and TV stations continue to hire seasoned professionals to execute due to the fact that promotion efforts are integral to the sales effort of media outlets.

Ms. Loesch secured her position at B-96 by being a great intern. Kailee went out of her way to get noticed and that’s the advice she shared with the students – “do more than what’s expected.” As a result of her stellar efforts to “get noticed” as an intern, Kailee was offered the promotions coordinator position at WBBM-FM. She noted that every day is a learning experience and also a time when she has been able to meet a number of exciting celebrities in the world or pop music. Kailee is pleased to have a “fun” job and has every intention of making broadcast promotion a viable career.