Working In Radio

Working In Radio

High school is over. You’re thinking about taking a career in Radio. Do you know what it takes? Most importantly, do you know the kinds of jobs that are available in a radio station or are you among those that believe that radio stations only offer positions to on-air talents? Radio stations offer many interesting careers for creative people. Can everyone work in radio? Definitely, it just requires you to have the guts to do it, the will to give your fans the best, to be the best you can be, and be open to acquiring the skills necessary to perform many different positions in a radio station.

Working in radio doesn’t always mean you are limited to only being an on-air talent. There are many other jobs in the radio that are available and vital to the success of a station. There are sales teams, engineers, technicians and the management which all work together to give you the entertaining and informative shows you listen to every single day. Many believe that being an on-air talent doesn’t require formal education to land your first industry job, but, the hands-on technical training you receive at The Ohio Center for Broadcasting will definitely give you a competitive edge when it comes to your job search

Experience in Broadcasting

Real world experience and hands-on training are key to getting your foot in the door at most radio stations. In addition to class time, we work with various radio stations in the market to give students the opportunity to acquire internship hours needed to graduate from our program. These internships give our students a clear understanding of a station’s demographic, how to effectively establish a good rapport with them.


As with any career, confidence plays a huge role on your path to success. In addition to confidence, learning the importance of show prep and how your audience will look to you for your knowledge on the topic of the day. If you’re conducting an interview, ask questions that you feel your audience would have asked, and get the answers you think your audience wants to hear.
That same confidence is needed when you are looking for the job. As part of our curriculum, you’ll begin to build your demo almost immediately. Your demo, resume, and website will become a digital portfolio you’ll present to potential employers when you begin to work with your Career Services Advisor.

Radio and Broadcasting Salary

Salaries in radio vary greatly and are determined by market size, the day part of your show, and of course, the job you hold at the station. Once you’ve completed our program and begin to work with your Career Services Advisor, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on the possibility of relocating, or what jobs are available in your current market to begin building your career.
If you’re ready to take that first step of making your dream of working in the broadcasting industry a reality, our admissions staff is ready to answer all your questions.

We offer day and evening classes to fit even the most active schedules, and financial aid is available to those who qualify.

We’re currently enrolling for our next classes; all that’s missing is you!